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Why Do We Gamble?

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

For some people gambling can be an enjoyable pastime. They know their limits and stop at that point. For others, gambling is a debilitating and dangerous addiction. The Advanced Hypnotherapy clinic has treated many hundreds of people who have been caught up in uncontrolled gambling.

Some clients have lost their homes, their families, their partners and their dignity. One client had lost in excess of a million dollars, money which he was stealing out of his own company. Another client was an accounts clerk who had been embezzling her company and owed them in excess of $200,000. She had to sell her apartment to avoid a jail term.

The question that most of our gambling clients ask when they arrive at our clinic is “why do I gamble when I know I can’t win?” The simple answer is they are disregarding logic in order to relieve a deep-seated anxiety problem. Their subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. With gamblers their minds recognize that when they gamble they enter into a state of euphoria and anxiety disappears. That’s why many poker machine problem gamblers will spend hours in front of the machine without even a toilet break.

Hypnosis when applied correctly can completely eliminate the connection between relief of anxiety and gambling. At Advanced Hypnotherapy Sydney the success rate is extremely high. Hypnosis can help change behaviour rapidly and effectively. This result has been achieved over many years of dealing with problem gamblers. We have techniques, which combined with hypnosis, change the gambler’s perception of what gambling is all about.

It is particularly annoying to us when clubs and pubs use the line “gamble responsibly.” Many of them are relying on problem gamblers to achieve high net profits and actively encourage problem gamblers with incentives such as reserved parking, free food and refreshments.

Seek help by calling a competent hypnotherapist such as Advanced Hypnotherapy Sydney as soon as you can.

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