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These actual cases are just representative of some of the many concerns that are presented to us and the hypnotherapy results that were achieved. Our clients' details are strictly confidential and actual identities and personal details have been restricted for obvious reasons. 

  • Male aged late 20’s who had been smoking since he was 10 years of age (having had easy access to his smoking family’s constant supply of cigarettes). He found that giving up smoking was too difficult even after many attempts to go “cold-turkey” and using patches and gum. In his occupation as a builder he was always surrounded by other smokers. Following our first hypnotherapy session he immediately stopped smoking and has over a period of time referred many other smoker friends who have also become non-smokers.

  • Female aged 67, addicted to cigarette smoking for 52 years. She stopped smoking from the first session.

  • Female & Male in their twenties were able to stop smoking from the first visit – email received “Well just wanted to say another big thank you for helping me and xx quit smoking. Its been 1 year and 2 months now and its been amazing. I feel so much healthier. We are actually expecting our first baby. I’m 4 months pregnant now and am so glad I quit when I did as I would hate to think of the effects it would have had on me and the baby. ” MB

  • Female aged 59, smoking for 42 years. She had tried various methods without long term success and her weight increased with every attempt. She stopped smoking from the first session and has been able to maintain her weight level.
    Female aged 42, smoking heavily (75 cigarettes per day average) for the past two years following a stressful divorce. She stopped smoking from the first session.
    Male aged 50, smoking between 80 to 100 cigarettes per day. His doctor referred him to us as he required a series of operations for damage to his lungs and blocked femoral arteries. He reduced his cigarette smoking to 6 per day after the first session and then stopped completely following the second consultation.

  • Female aged mid 40’s – This lady is actually a sales representative for a cigarette company. She receives a regular carton of cigarettes as an incentive and smokes a pack a day. She had tried all types of methods to quit but was unsuccessful. With the first hypnosis session she stopped smoking and achieved it in a calm and relaxing fashion with no cravings at all.
    “P.S. I’m still off the smokes.” SY – email received from male who had been smoking for many years

  • Many more examples are available concerning the successful outcome to stop smoking.
  • Further information on smoking and our unique, successful “Stop Smoking For Life”program can be found on our special website. Click here for a direct link: –Stop Smoking For Life
  • Female aged 36. She had been a heroin and marijuana addict since her late teens. She actually went cold turkey to get off heroin but has never been able to quit marijuana. This habit was costing her $120 per week. She stopped from the first hypnotherapy session. On her final visit about 5 weeks later, she commented that she had no thoughts for marijuana at all.

  • Male aged 39. Addicted to pot since 19 years of age. He is a leading public figure and was desperate to get off this insidious drug. This happened from the first session. His comment at the third session – “I don’t know what you did but I have not had any cravings at all”.

  • Female aged 57. She was a cocaine addict for a decade following a wild party overseas using cocaine for the first time. It had taken control of her life and in her words was costing her a small fortune. She was able to limit her usage from the first visit and by the third visit had actually stopped.

  • There are many more cases involving various types of drugs.
  • Female aged early 50’s weighing 15 kilos over her desired weight. She was unable to resist food, especially cakes and pastries in between meals. She did little exercise and had lost motivation to control her food intake. At the end of three hypnotherapy sessions, she had lost 5 kilos and was walking both in the morning and evening, enjoying her “quiet time”.

  • Female weighing 150 kilograms. She was able to lose 40 kilograms with hypnotherapy, a diet supervised by a qualified dietician and a referral to a personal trainer for a special exercise program.

  • Male weighing 19 kilos over his desired weight. He couldn’t resist the lavish meals served in his company’s bistro which were provided as part of his salary package. At his last visit, he had lost 6 kilos and had started exercising in the company gym.

  • Female in her late 20’s was unable to lose weight due to her “addiction” to sweets and rich foods. She was unable to pass any confectionery aisle in supermarkets without buying herself a ‘reward’. Hypnotherapy enabled her to find the reason for her overindulgence and allow a release. She was amazed that from her second consultation that she was unable to eat any more of these foods and instead prefers healthy foods.

  • Male aged 51 with high blood pressure and weight related problems. He was able to lose 5 kg in a three week period. He has since reported back that his health problems have improved and he has continued to lose weight.

  • “I got back from your place and I left the car out in the street.  I have now, just got back from the pool” – Email from female aged in her 60’s for motivation to lose weight and exercise.

  • Female aged mid 30’s who was eating healthy food with her family but between meals was eating large quantities of confectionery hidden around the house. Hypnotherapy helped her to discover that she was secretly “rewarding” herself resulting from her early teen years when she was left to fend for a young family by neglectful parents. After three hypnotherapy sessions she had resolved and come to terms with her hidden feelings. She no longer eats any confectionery.

  • Female aged mid 20’s – always hungry during the day working in the office and developed a habit of going to the vending machine and to supermarkets to buy chocolates. She would also buy unhealthy fast food. She stopped this from the first visit – this is part of an email received from her: –

  • “Hi Barry

  •  Its BW here – I came to see you on Monday night. I’m not 100% sure what you did but it has worked! The whole eating situation has improved 1000 fold – NO VENDING MACHINE! And I just have a different perception on life it’s very strange but good I have not been this positive in such a long time.”


  • WEIGHT ISSUES – Binge Eating / Addiction to Confectionery, Unhealthy foods
  • Female aged mid 30’s who was eating healthy food with her family but between meals was eating large quantities of confectionery hidden around the house. Hypnotherapy helped her to discover that she was secretly “rewarding” herself resulting from her early teen years when she was left to fend for a young family by neglectful parents. After three hypnotherapy sessions she had resolved and come to terms with her hidden feelings. She no longer eats any confectionery.

  • Female aged mid 20’s – always hungry during the day working in the office and developed a habit of going to the vending machine and to supermarkets to buy chocolates. She would also buy unhealthy fast food. She stopped this from the first visit – this is part of an email received from her: –
    “Hi Barry
    Its BW here – I came to see you on Monday night. I’m not 100% sure what you did but it has worked! The whole eating situation has improved 1000 fold – NO VENDING MACHINE! And I just have a different perception on life it’s very strange but good I have not been this positive in such a long time.”

  •  Female aged early 50’s weighing 15 kilos over her desired weight. She was unable to resist food, especially cakes and pastries in between meals. She did little exercise and had lost motivation to control her food intake. At the end of three hypnotherapy sessions, she had lost 5 kilos and was walking both in the morning and evening, enjoying her “quiet time”.

  • SPORTS  – (Performance/Anxiety)
  • Male aged mid 30’s – an amateur golfer unable to get his game together and going from a 3 to a 7 handicap. Email received “In the 4 round club championships I finished SECOND. Absolutely ecstatic…on the final green was 180m out and went for it…ended up next to the flag…a real crowd pleaser” MK

  • Female aged mid 20’s – an amateur boxer suffering greatly from anxiety and nerves leading up to her first exhibition boxing match. She sought help to calm down and to perform well – and we had time for only one session. This is an email received from her following the match –
    Hi Barry,
    I won : Thanks for your help – the other boxers who were fighting that night described me as “disgustingly calm”.

  • Female aged 16. She was the Dux of her school in every class from kindergarten. The previous year she had slipped to the bottom of her class and had not done any assignments that year. This followed her parent’s divorce and her mother unable to cope with day-to-day activities. The girl had lost the closeness of a father she dearly loved. Under hypnosis, she was able to relive the joy of achieving at school and responded well to self esteem strengthening. Last year she sat for her School Certificate and achieved an overall score in the mid 90% range. She is determined to take back her Dux status this year.

  • Male aged 32. He was overweight during his teenage years and was the target for bullying at school. He had not been able to have a normal relationship with females. Finally, he sought help with hypnotherapy and was able to build up his confidence to the point where he started ballroom dancing lessons and had joined a social club, something he would normally have shunned.

  • Female aged 28. “Hi Barry, How are you? A HUGE thanks again for all the help you’ve given me” DT – Self esteem and confidence issues.

  • Male in early 40’s, had an accident while at an all boys’ school and became the butt of jokes from fellow classmates. He eventually married but always felt inadequate around men in social situations. Hypnotherapy helped him relax and build up his self esteem. He is now able to attend gym, sporting events and social functions where men are present.

  • Female aged in her mid 30’s who had never experienced an orgasm in spite of being happily married and having an active sexual relationship with her husband. Hypnotherapy allowed her to discover an early incident in her life  that had unconsciously been troubling her. Once she released this, she started to notice improvements in her sexual feelings.

  • Male aged 31 who could not achieve an erection. His partner was threatening to leave him. Under hypnosis he was able to trace his problem back to an evening when he had been exhausted following a stressful day at work. He was unable to satisfy his partner that evening and she had made a demeaning remark to him. His sexual performance has now improved.

  • Male aged 28 who had a premature ejaculation problem. He found that he could not control his ejaculation once foreplay commenced. Following hypnotherapy, he was able to prolong his performance by using non sexual visualizations until he was ready for ejaculation.

  • Male aged 49, married with two children. He was frequently visiting massage parlours for sexual gratification, particularly when undergoing stress at his work. Over a long time period, the visits had increased to around  three to four per week and were becoming a major financial and emotional problem. With hypnotherapy he was able to discover the reason for his addiction. He has since stopped the visits and replaced them with a genuine remedial massage once a month and follows a stress reduction program.

  • “You eased the anxiety I felt in everyday life, so i could restart functioning in society once again, its not an instant fix. but without your help I wouldn’t enjoy the life and indeed the progress that I do now. I just wanted to say thanks, I’m too busy for a personal visit at the moment.. I hope you’re doing well and indeed your business. I wish you all the best in the future with your work and indeed to keep on helping people.. you do what you do well.” – TB  –

  • Male aged early 30’s, stuttering for most of his life. He was able to build up his self esteem and has since reported that he is now employed and leading a normal life. He is able to talk to his friends by telephone now and not rely on his emails to communicate to the outside world.

  • Male aged early 70’s suffering from pain for 20 years without any identified medical cause other than it had originated from the time of an operation for a nerve problem. His many medical doctors over the years had told him it was just an imagined pain but whether this was true or not, he was suffering in his mind from real pain. With three hypnotherapy sessions he had lost all of the pain sensation and is now leading a life free from this pain.

  • Male, late 50’s, suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia, the “suicide pain”. Surgery to the trigeminal nerve (facial / jaw area) had improved his condition but he retained a chronic pain problem which interfered with his sleep. Using self hypnosis, he was able to relax before bed and his sleeping pattern improved.

  • Male aged mid 20’s had been biting his nails since his adolescent years. He stopped this habit after the first hypnotherapy session and now regularly manicures his strong and healthy nails.

  • Email received from male aged late 40’s:-
    Dear Mr Shirley. I saw you at the start of last year about my finger nail biting habit. I saw you once and made a second appointment but never made it and never made another appointment. Well, I have to be honest, I thought it was all hocus pocus, but to my surprise I stopped biting my nails almost immediately. I wanted to contact you on my one year anniversary but I didn’t want to jinx myself. I think I’m pretty safe now as it has been one year and five months and seven days. I sometimes have a little nibble at one or two but because I know they will grow back. I don’t panic about it and sure enough I leave them alone and they grow back. My nails and hands have never looked better and I don’t have to be embarrassed anymore. I would like to thank you for your help. I’ll never be a skeptic again and will definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone that is looking for some sort of help. Again, thank you. – AF

  • Female aged 33. She had been biting her fingernails for as long as she could remember and dearly wanted to stop. From the first visit she has not bitten her nails and is consciously aware every time her hand heads toward her mouth. On the third visit, her nails were actually showing signs of growth. She is looking forward to manicuring them when they have developed further.


  • Male aged early 30’s who was addicted to gambling his entire salary on poker machines in whatever hotel or club he could find. He had a compulsion to try to win back his losses which just kept accumulating. After the first hypnotherapy session he stopped gambling and following two further sessions (conducted three years ago) he is now saving money and has paid his gambling debts back to friends and family.

  • Female aged early 40’s. She had a part time job in an office next door to an RSL club. On every payday, she could not pass the club without gambling on the poker machines. Following hypnotherapy she has been able to avoid the club and has saved enough money to take her family on a holiday.

  • Male, mid 30’s, addicted to poker machines. Email received from him after two years since his hypnotherapy sessions “I’m also noticeably thinking about the pokies less and have no interest in them at all, but am still conscious of their dangers.”MK

  • Male aged 27. On his 18th birthday he was taken to a club for the first time and won a $1,000 jackpot. He joined the club and proceeded to lose the entire amount plus additional money. At the age of 27 following years of gambling on poker machines and casinos he was in extreme debt, owing money to family and friends due to his gambling addiction. Following three Hypnotherapy sessions he stopped gambling and is in the process of rebuilding his life.

  • Female aged mid 30’s. Had been secretly gambling on poker machines for many years. Her marriage ended and she returned to live with her parents and two young daughters. She ended up gambling her share of the house and was in effect penniless. She stopped gambling from the first session and at this point some twelve months later has not gambled since.

  • Male aged 23. Total losses on poker machines amounted to $170,000. His worst day was a loss of $18,000. He has not gambled from the first visit.

  • Male late 20’s. “Thank you for your professional help. You have been a beacon of light in curbing my addiction. I wish you and your family all the best in everything you do and I am very grateful for your words of wisdom.” RB

  • Male aged 51. A professional trainer and speaker who was undergoing a stressful personal life. He found some relief from stress while playing poker machines and eventually developed a serious gambling problem losing around $2,000 per week. With hypnotherapy he was able to resolve his stress problems and found relaxation away from gambling.


  • Female aged early 37, a professional dancer, suffering from panic attacks which were destroying her life and relationship. A Thank You card received from her – “Thank you so much for helping me with my panic attacks. You have been able to fix and accomplish in 2 sessions what a psychologist couldn’t do for me in 2 years! I’m dancing again and kicking my leg up with no fear at all! Ha!” RA

  • Male aged early 40’s, a member of a local sporting club. He had been overseas for a two year period in rural England on a working holiday and upon his return could not venture outside his home, suffering panic attacks when around crowds. Hypnotherapy helped him to readjust to the city life he had left two years previously allowing him to once again shop in shopping malls and face the crowded transport system.

  • Female aged mid fifties not able to cope with family and business pressures. She had been put down by her family from a very young age and was having marriage problems – being taken for granted by her husband which was further impacting negatively on her self esteem and anxiety levels. This is part of a reply received from her : -Hello Barry, “I haven’t forgotten you and I will come back and see you soon.  Everything has just become terribly busy at the moment but I wanted to tell you that I am coping really well; I am, as they say, in a ‘nice space’.  My husband and I are just cruising along and it is really great, lots of talking and taking the time for one another”.  MF

  • Male aged early 20’s who found it impossible to find work or go on holidays due to severe feelings of anxiety. With three sessions of hypnotherapy he was able to go on a Pacific Cruise with his family and is now studying for a degree at university.

  • Female aged 32 in a failing relationship. She was finding it increasingly difficult to get out of bed each morning. Her work in an office was noticeably deteriorating and she was starting to eat excessively. Hypnotherapy allowed her to come to terms with the relationship ending and to move on with her life. She is now able to work effectively and has since referred many clients for various treatments.


  • BRUXISM (Grinding of teeth / Jaw Clenching) – Male aged mid 30’s. He had been grinding his teeth since a child and had quite literally worn his teeth down requiring a huge dental quote to rebuild the teeth and to crown them. From the very first visit he stopped the teeth grinding. His wife was amazed that she no longer had to listen to it while he was asleep.

  • Fear of Doctors and Death. Female aged mid 40’s. Resulted from a very bad childhood experience. She urgently required blood tests and hadn’t seen a doctor for five years. Following the first visit she went to a GP and the same day had her blood tests.

  • Fear of Dentist. Female aged 49. Email received: – “Hi Barry, Just wanted to let you know that I had my first dental appointment today since undergoing hypnotherapy. I am very pleased to tell you that I didn’t have one single bit of anxiety whilst sitting in the chair. OK….I do admit that I was a little apprehensive and snuck home first and had a glass of wine. But, trust me….just a glass of wine previously never worked like this. I convinced myself that I was going to remain calm and relaxed throughout my whole appointment…..and I did it!!! Even the Dental nurse said that she was amazed and very happy for me. Usually for days I have a terrible tightness in my stomach but I had absolutely nothing today and so very proud of myself.I do have to go to the specialist for a consult next month (possible root canal), but I’m feeling really good about this (except for the expense of course). A huge thank you for helping me with my fear. I so appreciate it!!! I honestly don’t think my heart rate got over 80. I feel great and so very proud of myself. I’ll keep you updated. Thanks again, Barry!!! Take care”. Cheers, MW

  • Male, early 30’s had a fear of hypodermic needles since childhood. He urgently required blood tests and was unable to enter the doctor’s surgery. Following hypnosis, he was able to calmly sit through all the tests without any problems.

  • Female, mid 20’s also with a fear of hypodermic needles. She had to be physically restrained whenever an injection was required. Hypnosis enabled her to mentally switch off and relax while in the doctor’s surgery. Following is an email received from her: - Hi Barry I just wanted to let you know that I finally had my first cervical cancer injection today – it was a bit tough waiting but I got through it with no dramas…and the doctor was happy not to be punched out : Thanks again for all your help

  • Female aged 21 with a fear of flying. She had been a regular airline passenger until a forgotten incident involving her mother’s fear of flying affected her. With hypnotherapy she was able to let go of her fear and enjoy an overseas holiday.

  • Female aged mid forties – hated flying after her plane had been struck by lightning in a storm. This is part of the reply received from her after hypnotherapy –             Hi Barry, thought I’d update you on my latest flying adventures. I’ve been on 4 planes back and forth from Brisbane in the last 10 days!……MS

  • “I would like to thank Barry for the excellent work he did through hypnotherapy to get me over my fear of needles.  Since becoming diabetic, I have had to have my husband give me all my needles which was far from ideal for either of us.   I came to Barry as I was going away for a week without my husband and therefore had to inject myself, something I really didn’t think I could ever do, having had this fear from childhood.     As soon as I sat down, Barry made me feel comfortable and explained the whole process.   He told me I may need two or three sessions but that session, to my complete amazement, he had me injecting myself.   I came back a second time for some self hypnosis but from that first session, I haven’t looked back.   I feel more in control of my diabetes and can comfortably inject myself with no hesitation whatsoever.  As Barry said, it has become second nature.   Again, thanks Barry for giving me back a bit of freedom.” -CO

  • Male aged early 40’s – had failed employment test where he had to demonstrate he could work at heights of up to 30 metres. He was given one more chance to attend a test the next day. He had one session of hypnotherapy that night and passed the test the next day to his and the employers amazement. He got the job. “Hi Barry, if I was near your office I’d come in and kiss you! Thank you so much for your help”

  • Female aged 21 with a fear of elevators. She was employed in a large company and always used the stairs. Finally she sought help and after three sessions is now able to enter any lift without fear.


  • ANGER 
  • Female aged mid 30’s. A Thank You card received from her partner. “Just wanted to write a note and let you know that it has been 14 weeks since you changed our lives. We have not had any arguments at all. The stress has gone. Juliet has a new outlook on life and is making lots of new friends. People are saying that she has changed positively but don’t know why. Juliet and I are the happiest we have ever been. I will never know quite what you did but I will always be grateful for what you have done” – DL


  • Female aged early 40’s. She had to do exams in order to gain promotion and a permanent position in her organization. She had failed the previous exam and had only one more attempt allowed. Her comment received a year later – “Hi, this is Cheryl. I just wanted to let you know that I achieved an average of 90% in the exam. I got a permanent position and am very happy now on twice the salary” – CL

  • Male aged 22 at university, unable to take in and memorize information.  He had failed his exams. By using our 45/15 strategy and hypnosis, he was able to readily recall information and reduce his stress levels.

  • HSC and other students have been able to benefit from our time management and hypnotherapy techniques – too numerous to list here.


  • Female aged late 30’s who had been sexually abused at the age of eleven. She had never been able to have a happy relationship with a male that endured beyond a twelve month period. Under hypnosis she was able to resolve her connection to the past traumatic event and was able to move on.

  • Male late twenties. He was in a happy relationship but developed erectile problems. This started to affect the relationship and was damaging his self esteem. Medical tests confirmed that it was a psychological problem and not physical. Hypnotherapy was his last resort and he was able to find out the reasons for his problem. He was able to achieve a satisfactory sexual relationship with his partner and his self esteem improved.

  • Male, email received from a mid 30’s man struggling to meet a suitable lady “…I’m also three dates in with a girl and actually really like her. I think it’d been 5 years since I said that.” MK


  • Male aged 51. He would drink a 2 litre wine cask at night and stay in the hotel drinking beer in the afternoons. He made the decision to give up alcohol and tried hard without success until his mother made an appointment for hypnotherapy on his behalf. He has not had any alcohol since, confirmed by his mother a year later when she made an appointment for herself for some other problems.

  • Female aged in her early 40’s. She constantly drank wine and spirits during the day while alone at home, concealing her drinking problem from her family. She hid bottles around the house that she was buying from the local bottle shop. She has not had any alcohol since her first visit and has been able to work full time in her family’s business.

  • Male in his mid fifties would come home from his hectic job and proceed to open a bottle of wine to drink while his wife prepared dinner. She would have have one glass and he would consume the rest, quite often opening another bottle for himself. With hypnotherapy, he is now able to have one glass and sometimes two with alcohol-free days during the week.

  • Female executive – aged 36 years addicted to wine each evening after work and at weekends. Felt she had no “stop switch” and could drink 2 bottles in one sitting. She was usually drunk at work functions and embarrassed about what she may have done or said. She did not want to stop alcohol on weekends but wanted to be in control. This was achieved. She now will not exceed a half bottle at any one time on weekends and will not drink during the week.

  • Male aged 51 – "I just wanted to thank you for your time in assisting me overcome my fear of public speaking. As discussed I have included my experience in the hope it will help someone else.
    For the past 15 years I have been avoiding speeches due to negative experiences when I was young. The catalyst to change was being best man at a wedding.
    I did not feel confident to just approach it on my own. Your techniques helped me concentrate on what is important and focus less on what made me uncomfortable or adversely affected my speech.
    After three sessions and lots of practice I felt a lot less anxious leading up to the speech. The day of the speech went really well, even better then I had hoped. The audience loved it. I am pleased to say the majority of the items we focused on are going really well. Since the wedding, I have enrolled in a further course to practice and improve my skills. It is going great.
    I am also applying the techniques learnt to remain calm and relaxed in other situations which can benefit from it."


  • "Dear Barry – I am writing to sincerely thank you for your assistance in managing my obsessive compulsive behaviour and phobia of fish.  After my three sessions my behaviour has improved dramatically and I am no longer as anxious or obsessive.  I am learning to alter my behaviour associated with my OCD as a result of your help and I am noticing that every day it becomes easier to deal with the unwanted thoughts and anxiety.  My family and friends are amazed by my progress and I look forward to further improvements in the future as a result of your help.
    We have just returned from our wedding and honeymoon in Fiji and I am pleased to report for the first time in over 15 years I was able to swim in the ocean without any concerns.  I participated in many guided snorkeling trips and was fascinated and amazed by the beauty of the underwater world.  On many occasions  I was even diving under the water to get a closer look at all the beautiful fish.  During one snorkeling trip after jumping out of the boat I found myself surrounded by thousands of fish and to my extreme delight I did not panic instead we just swam through the school of fish to clear waters. I had the most amazing time in Fiji and couldn’t believe how much I was missing by just sitting on the beach being fearful of the fish.
    All my family and friends couldn’t believe the total change in my behaviour.  I have transformed from someone who was petrified of looking at a fish on the television screen to exploring the beauty of the underwater world stress and anxiety free.
    I am so pleased with the results of my therapy that I have recommended your services to many people.
    Thank you once again for all your assistance this has been a truly
    life changing experience.Kind regards."

  • Female aged early 30’s, had developed an obsession about vomiting at functions where food was to be served. When she received an invitation to a wedding or dinner, she would obsess about it and would always be physically sick before even tasting the food. After the first hypnosis session, she attended a wedding and three dinner engagements without any problem, eating the food and actually enjoying it.


  • These are factual case studies to illustrate some of the problems that have been successfully treated with Hypnotherapy in our clinic. There are many others involving problems or addictions not shown here.

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