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Don't Put off Getting Help

Sometimes we need to seek help. This was recently brought about to me by a client who did finally reach out. He had spent many years keeping everything internally which was destroying his life.

This man, aged in his fifties, was married and had a son in his early twenties. The son had a serious drug problem and was serving a prison sentence. The son did not want contact from my client as he blamed him for the situation he was in. The marriage was stable but not really happy. There had been some minor incidents early in the marriage that involved some verbal abuse and in one case some pushing by both husband and wife. The son had witnessed this and blamed his father. The relationship between father and son had always been strained and very little father / son interaction with things like sports and school events took place.

The man gradually withdrew into himself and began to use negative self talk whereby his everyday work and home life began to suffer. By the time he saw me for a first consultation his level of anxiety and negativity was ruining his life. We began to look at some of the positive things about him as a person. Everybody has some positive traits. It's a matter of finding them and this is where a trained and highly experienced therapist can make a big difference. Hypnotherapy is a marvelous and very powerful tool but is generally not known by most people. When it is used properly it can help a person lift the layers of old entrenched behavior and find the root cause of problems. in my client's case it did exactly that. He had no concept of what true hypnosis can do having been influenced by silly TV shows and entertainers using hypnosis to entertain and quite frankly frighten people.

Hypnotherapy is generally rapid in bringing about results. In my client's case this is exactly what happened. There was change taking place in how he thought about himself and his relationship to others. For the first time in many years he was able to forgive past actions and make amends to those whom he had hurt. His wife noticed the changes taking place and she was amazed that a previously insular man was now opening up to her. He made contact with his son and is now in the process of improving their relationship. All this resulted from just three sessions of hypnotherapy and counselling.

It is always gratifying to hear from clients and after several months this man made contact to tell me about how he now feels. He actually enjoys each new day as it comes and realizes that he now has the ability to handle all situations as they arise. By taking a positive approach many new things have opened up to him. He has a new hobby, is back to playing sport and has a loving wife who appreciates the little things he now does for her. His son is in rehabilitation and receives visits from his father. There is still a strained relationship but it is improving.

The outcome of this case further adds to my conviction that sometimes you need to reach out and seek help. It is very important that the person offering therapy is not only highly experienced in clinical work but is mature with life experience and skills.

For a free 15 minute phone consultation call Barry Shirley at Advanced Hypnotherapy.

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