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Hypnosis that helped fertility

A female aged 43 had been trying to get pregnant for a number of years. In desperation she resorted to very costly IVF treatments. Both she and her husband had been fully tested by medical specialists and both were deemed suitable to have children. There had been no impairment found in either person. For some reason her uterus kept rejecting the implanted fertilised eggs. The lady had been to various psychologists to determine if there was a mental problem but to no avail.

Upon hearing about hypnosis from friends that had been successfully treated for various issues she enquired whether hypnosis would be right for her. She had three sessions with a registered clinical hypnotherapist. In the first session using a regression hypnotherapy technique it was found that she was suffering from extreme anxiety relating back to her abusive childhood involving a controlling father. There was a mistrust issue regarding males in general. Her mind at a deep subconscious level was rejecting the fertilised eggs.

In the third session some two weeks after the first she was much more relaxed with the hypnotherapist. Using positive visualization she began to relax and could accept the fact that she would make a wonderful mother.

One year later she sent a photo of her new baby son to the hypnotherapist. Following a further year she wished to continue hypnotherapy to relieve anxiety in her general life. At that time she showed the hypnotherapist a video of her one-year-old son walking.

Hypnotherapy can be a marvelous tool to help relieve severe anxiety in many different types of situations. It is a natural process that is safe and generally very effective. For further information enquiries can be made with the various hypnotherapy associations including the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association by consulting their website.

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